Monday, 31 October 2011

Testing, testing.... OXO gravy/fat separator

OXO, which in the past year has launched products aimed at babies and tots, has brought out a range of kitchen tools to make Christmas a doddle for busy parents.
The new OXO range includes:
  • a stainless-steel flour sifter, around £12, which is perfect for a keen baker and is child friendly too if you want to involve your child in making some yummy cakes
  • a Y stainless-steel, soft-grip peeler, around £5, perfect for peeling not only potatoes but carrots and parsnips
  • a digital instant read thermometer, around £15 - a nifty gagdet you can insert into your turkey and easily read the digital display. The storage sleeve includes readings for recommended internal cooking temperatures - great for added peace of mind
  • a pro masher, around £15, which will make mashing potatoes easy peasy. It also features silicone side wipers - handy for mixing
  • a six-piece measuring spoon set, around £5 - essential for precision cooking and baking, it also features bright colour-coded numbers so your little ones can have a go!
  • silicone locking tongs, from around £10 for 9in size, a useful piece of kit to handle hot food, unless you have asbestos hands!
  • a medium spatula, around £7, Rudolph red and heat resistant up to 600F/315C, so it won't melt, warp or discolour
  • a gravy/fat separator, from £10 for 2-cup size - an ingenious piece of kit that can easily cut the fat for superior Christmas gravy!
 My partner and I tested the versatile gravy/fat separator to make two family favourites: curried chicken pieces, and lamb and spinach curry. While cooking the meat for these dishes you always get heaps of fat, which we previously tackled by using a needless syringe - a slow, greasy and offputting process!

The OXO separator, which comes with a strainer and a stopper, worked a treat - shaped like a jug, it makes it easier to pour in meat juices and dispose of unwanted fat. The fat rises and stays at the top, while the delicious gravy settles at the bottom. Easy to assemble and disassemble, it was much easier to clean too!

If you are impressed by this kitchen tool range, click here to check out the award-winning OXO Good Grips range, launched in 1990, which offers over 200 stylish and practical tools for the home. For stockist details visit or call 0114 290 1455.

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