Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas booboos

Booboos is how Michela calls my breasts. She knows the words breast and booby but prefers booboos, which is one of the first words she uttered to ask for a drink (perhaps because she couldn't say the words breast or boobie?).

When I was a child, I used the word 'boo' to indicate drink. I was bottlefed, so no breast link there, although it's curious as I grew up in Italy while my daughter is growing up in England and knows very little Italian (despite good intentions, the 'bilingual project' has failed miserably).

Last week we went to a Christmas Carol Service for the staff of the University of Cambridge and realised that there is a breastfeeding carol.

Enough for Him, whom cherubim
Worship night and day,
A breastful of milk
And a mangerful of hay;
Enough for Him, whom angels
Fall down before,
The ox and ass and camel
Which adore.

The words of this carol are from a poem by Christina Rossetti called In The Bleak Midwinter (read more about by clicking here). Michela was asleep during the service, so she didn't catch the reference. She loves hearing about baby Jesus as it is a baby with two loving parents, which is easy to relate to, although her birth didn't involve an ox, donkey nor any sheep. As all toddlers, Michela is fascinated by animals and she loves looking at illustrations where the baby Jesus is surrounded by all sort of animals, one book even includes a family of chickens.

I'm signing off with a charity initiative involving a stunning calendar, which, like the glamorous painting by Tamara de Lempicka shown above, displays beautiful breastfeeding mums. I have mentioned the calendar before, it's in aid of Rugby Breastfeeding Cafe, which is run by volunteers. See a slideshow of the pics by clicking here.

Happy Xmas to you all....

Friday, 18 December 2009

Snowmens sans frontieres...

The winner of the December 09 challenge (with hat and sans hat)

 The December 2009 winner (detail) and the snowmen from the January 2009 challenge (English snowman at the back)

Forfeit victory to the Italian contender
Yesterday evening the snow started falling again and it continued overnight so by morning there was a thick blanket in the back garden. The snowmam challenge was on so the two contenders stepped out with pint-sized referee Michela in tow.

The English and Italian contenders made a start but the English contender did a Paula Radcliffe (I can't make a snowman with this kind of snow). The Italian contender completed the challenge by building a snowman against a tree. There was hissing and spitting from the English side who awarded nul points to the snowman as it was not free standing. However, the referee awarded a forfeit victory to the Italian contender.

This is the second victory for Italy as the previous snowman challenge in January 2009 was won by the Italian on the grounds of endurance. The English snowman didn't last due to shoddy workmanship. The Italian contender generously revealed the secret behind the two victories: 'Snow must be compatted and worked bit by bit, simply rolling won't produce a good, sturdy snowman.'

Can you produce a better snowman? The e-challenge is still on... Send your pics to membersfeedback at and I will upload them.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Snow, wall of shame and a heartwarming story

Today it snowed while we were walking in central Cambridge.

The magic was short lived. When we came out from the library, the sun had reappeared and an icy wind blew on us all the way back home.

Snow aside, we have a white mountain in our lounge, which I call the wall of shame. Behind the white sheet there is a solid wall of cardboard boxes full of stuff we couldn't fit in the garage. We are lucky we did find a house to rent with a garage, but even covered, our wall of shame is a bit of an eyesore. I stuck a poster on it and a few Xmas decorations but it still looks like a mess. I'm hoping this is a temporary arrangement but who knows if we will ever find a house to buy...

The mess underneath is Michela's collection of toys and books. We have piles in all rooms. The grownup place we planned pre-birth never happened. Ultimately the toys have won the war. I am becoming addicted to crates, especially lidded ones.

Lastly, the moving story. I was sent this link through a forum and it is such a heartwarming tale, perfect for the festive season (or indeed all year round)! The headline says it all: Nursing Moses: Moms step in after infant's mother dies. Before you click on it, have some hankies ready!

SNOW UPDATE: my partner stepped out the front door onto a blanket of snow. It must have started snowing when we were snug inside with our curtains drawn. Just looked out into our snowy garden, it is still snowing....

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Eat your heart out, Jamie Oliver

Tonight I watched Jamie Oliver make American pancakes with his daughters and found it hilarious that he didn't know the secret of making real American pancakes. The pancakes he made were as thin as Scotch pancakes (sometimes called dropped scones).

I have been making American pancakes for years and the secret is in the baking powder. If you want a thick, fluffy American pancake you need to use American or Canadian baking powder as it is stronger than the British one. Years ago, I asked a friend to get me some and the results were spectacular. I have been making some mean blueberries pancakes, stacks of thick ones!

I'm not sure the photo shows how thick they really are. I top my pancakes with maple syrup as I find the American syrup too sweet, but in this instance you're looking at toffee sauce.

If you can buy American or Canadian powder online or through a friend, you will notice the difference. I'm currently using the aptly named Canadian Magic baking powder and the recipe sent to me by Peter, a Canadian friend, in the mid-90s.

If there is any interest, I will post the full recipe.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas in Cambridge

We are settling down well in Cambridge thanks to my volunteering and the friendly locals. The city is so beautiful and there is lots to do with a toddler! I have posted about cheap days out on Ecothrifter, click here for toddler-taming, fun ideas.

What I like most is that it's such a walkable city and there are plenty of free attractions suitable for families. Walking the streets when it's dark is quite magical with the fab Xmas lights and carol singing everywhere we go. I was quite tempted to go to the Kings' College Carol event on Christmas eve, but then found out that you have to get there before 9am and queue for hours! Too crazy for us...

Sales are already on!

This is a truly Credit Crunch Crimbo if the January's sales are already on! From sofas to shoes, sales are spreading like wildfire....

Here are few links for you - Happy Shopping




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Mini Barratts


I got lots of emails about offers but these are the best deals so far! If you know of any great sales, please leave a comment below..

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Monday, 30 November 2009

A cosmopolitan Christmas

Grab your towel before the Germans get the best spots! Sorry, don't mind me, I'm dreaming of a hot Christmas with a pool but it ain't going to happen! If you're curious, this is the pool annexed to our Ibis hotel in France. The pool was blissfully quiet most of the time and we found out why when we stepped inside it. Despite a temperature of 35 degrees under the French sun, the water was 19. Freezing, so like all other guests we swam very fast (dart, I forgot to pack the English Channel swimmers' grease) and left in a hurry.

Let's stop dreaming and go back to the theme. One of the tips I gave in an article about celebrations on a budget was to change the menu. Turkey can be expensive and I have read that this year retailers have underestimated the demand (Brits might be trying to save but it doesn't mean that the turkey gets it). So not sure what the prices of turkey are this Christmas and are they going to fly in foreign birds? Sorry, still thinking about the sun holiday abroad.

If you like to try a foreign menu for Christmas, click here and type Christmas in the search box. Most nationalities are represented - some alternatives might even be cheaper than your usual festive fare.

As I'm of Italian origin, I want to present to you an authentic Italian menu. The only snag is that Italian food is different from region to region. I come from Piedmont (Piemonte), which is the region attached to France. Not many Brits know it, but I only need to say four words to demonstrate that it is more popular than you think: 'white truffles' and 'Barolo wine'.

So what do Italians eat at Christmas? There is a variety of dishes as every region has its specialities but here is a summary: baccala' (salted dried cod fish cooked in sauces), smoked salmon (usually Danish or Scottish), spicy fish soup, baked pasta (quite a cheap alternative this), rosbif (yes, it's the roast beef, spelled the Italian way), pork roast, turnip soup (I kid you not), pig trotter with polenta and lentils, carpaccio (basically cured raw beef cut very finely), Russian salad, ravioli in capon broth (see below about the capon).

The equivalent of the turkey is the capon (basically a castrated chicken that has been fattened up). Many meals in the north include a starter of smoked salmon and carpaccio, fresh pasta, a roast (capon, beef, pork) and then the desserts.

The traditional dessert is Panettone (cheaper ones are available from Aldi, Lidl, etc), then there are regional variations of sweets on top such as Mont Blanc (chestnut puree and chocolate mountain with whipped cream on top), honey pastries, dried figs, candied almonds, marzipan fruits, panforte (sometimes available in delicatessen), pandolce....

And drinks? Italian 'champagne' is called spumante and there are bottles for every pockets. Forget that Asti of your student days, Asti spumante can be as good as the French stuff (but it will cost you). There are other brands of spumante, some quite pricey. I'm not sure if you can find them in the UK, though.

In Piedmont we have great red wines: Barolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Grignolino, Fresia, to name a few. The white wines include Cortese and Chardonnay. Malvasia and Moscato are two dessert wines on the sweet side.

So perhaps, you can replace some of the expensive dishes with cheaper Italian alternatives, although I think the wines might not be much of a bargain as good wine is never cheap.

Buon Natale (Happy Xmas).

More delicious discounts - save on presents!

Following on my Christmas on a budget theme, I have been emailed more discounts. voucher - 40 per cent off selected products

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Christmas on a tight budget

Santa or Scrooge?

This year more than ever, we will have to scrimp at Christmas. I have written about leaner celebrations on other sites and publications - with titles like Cheap Christmas Cheer, Christmas on a Tight Budget and Beat the Credit Crunch: Christmas on a Budget - I am already starting to feel a bit more like Scrooge rather than Santa. But I'm not alone in my scroogehood, click here for an article on 50 ways to save money this Christmas.

Our household income has gone down and we are relying more on savings. Luckily, being a positive parent is all about giving the gift of time and attention, which are free at the moment as I haven't got that many work commitments.

I like to be active and productive so volunteering for various good causes has preserved my sanity. Before becoming a mum I had a career and skills and only using them (and my brain) can keep me away from the mental scrapyard. So I heartily recommend volunteering to those mums who want to engage their brain but need flexible timetables to accommodate child rearing. You never know, you might get a career out of it.

But back to the budget issue, I'm trying to find ways to make Christmas fun on a shoestring. This means using our old decorations, including the artificial tree and the plastic baubles. I'm sure Michela won't mind, like all toddlers she likes anything plasticy.

For presents we will be shopping around, not a novelty for us as in previous years we were careful with money for other reasons (buying a home and then going on maternity leave did hit our savings).

My great consolation is that in these tough times I am enjoying my daughter and she sees a lot of her Dad too. We have never been in favour of a too commercial Christmas anyway. Honestly, it's not sour grapes!

Obviously, we will shopping around for gifts. Prices of goods vary so much nowadays as some stores have amazing promotions to entice buyers. I have never seen as many as this year, obviously many people are not spending enough for retailers' liking.

So below are some discounts I have been emailed about, courtesy of Debenhams

Lingerie 20% off womens Jasper Conran sleepwear and robes – offer ends 24th Dec -

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Sunday, 29 November 2009

First impressions on living in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 19: (EMBA...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
We have been in Cambridge barely over a week and I feel at home already.

On the day of our move, the Queen visited the city to participate in the University's 800th anniversary celebrations. We missed the pageantry, all we saw were boxes and massive pieces of furniture being unloaded from two huge trucks.

Having relocated from London to Rugby and then from Rugby to Cambridge, I have lost a fair amount of friends and acquaintances. But I can recommend volunteering as a way to fit in quickly wherever you live.

Since the birth of my daughter I have been volunteering for two children’s charities: the NCT and the BfN. So as soon as I knew I was heading here, I contacted them both. Soon after my arrival, I went to an NCT meeting and a social, tomorrow I am going to a BfN drop-in for breastfeeding mums.

Today another opportunity to get involved locally arose when the organiser of the neighbourhood watch turned up, so yes, I’m going to a meeting next week.

This week I also met with an NCT member I used to know when we both lived in London and also with a mum from mumsnet. So internet forums can be handy too. And talking about the internet, there is a great local site for people living in Cambridge: Cambride Online. It has reviews and links to anything in the city.

I’m looking forward to experience all Cambridge has to offer. When I was living in Rugby, I did miss the buzz I get from living in a city, the cosmopolitan mix and the amenities. I'm not looking forward to buying our home as the property market is hard to crack here. For the moment we are renting and it's such a quiet area, despite being not too far from the centre.

Code 2ZJB8MW8R943
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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Painting the town pink

Tomorrow is National Freelancers Day. There is an event in Cambridge, but it's in the evening, making it harder for me to attend. No more painting the town red for me now that I have a dependant - more like princess pink.

Since I had Michela, I have been concentrating all my outings during the day - and the nature of the sorties has changed, too. Yes, there are some grown-up activities like shopping and doing chores but a big share of my time is spent treating my daughter to childish delights such as a trip to the library, to the swings, to a park....

Of course since we have moved to a new town, we are temporarily more homebound than usual as I don't know the place yet and there are heaps of boxes to be sorted.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel as after days of faffing, they have finally granted us the gift of broadband!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bye, Bye Rugby

Oh the delights of moving with a toddler! Last year we moved from London to Rugby in a short time, which was quite hard as I was on my own and Michela kept interfering with the boxes I was trying to fill by taking things out, throwing in her toys...

Tomorrow is the last day before the move but the packing is going well this year as my partner is at home and we have been Freecycling stuff, taking trips to the dump, to charity shops....

We are both looking forward to our relocation to Cambridge, hoping this is the place for us. We are moving into rental so as soon as we buy we will have to shift our stuff again. Luckily there is a garage to transfer stuff that has been dumped into our Rugbeian garage awaiting a purchase. There is no way I'm opening all the boxes till we have bought a house.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Promotional codes and special offers for bargain shopping

I have added some shopping links to my blog and through this scheme I'm receiving news of promotions, which I'm keen on passing on to all savvy savers among you! Note: offers have a time limit, so I'm removing links after they have expired.

20% off everything on Mini Barratts
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15% off at Boden
Boden is offering 15% off all dresses and jewellery, plus free delivery and returns.
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A week of killer deals at GLTC
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Friday, 6 November 2009


I was chuffed to get my parenting tip published in the Daily Mirror. I think more people should know about the wonder of wraps, which, unlike conventional baby carriers, really help if you suffer from backache, plus are fantastic for fussy babies, colicy babies and mums who want an alternative to a bulky pram.

When I was living in London, my Moby wrap was so useful! Our local surgery asked mums to lock prams outside for health and safety reasons (you needed a bicycle lock as there were pram thieves about), crowded shops were difficult to negotiate with a pram and public transport was not pram friendly (lots of steps and no lift in the tube and very crowded buses, with no space for a pram).

I'm sad that Michela is now too old and heavy for it, it was so handy and she fell asleep easily when carried this way.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Pimm's for Christmas?

Pimm's is a traditional summer spirit, but if you still have some left in your cupboard, why not use it to make a fruit cake?

This fruit cake uses some of the Pimm's cocktail ingredients with a twist: fresh orange rind and candied orange and lemon pieces, lemon juice and mint as a garnish - you can go the whole hog by adding dried strawberries, dried apple rings and cucumber juice. This cake could make an alternative Christmas dessert if iced and topped with seasonal decorations. If you make it in advance, inject Pimm's every so often to keep it moist and store wrapped in foil.

Serves 12
2/3 cup of raisins
2/3 cup of lemon and orange candied pieces
Grated rind of one orange
1/4 cup of Pimm's
3/4 cup melted butter
3/4 white sugar
3 eggs
2 cups of plain flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Preheat oven to 180C (170C if you have a fan oven). Place raisins, candied fruit and grated rind in a bowl, give them a stir and soak them in Pimm's for 10 minutes.

In a mixing bowl, combine sugar and butter, then beat in the eggs one by one. Sift the flour, baking powder and cinnamon then add gradually, mixing till combined. Add the soaked fruit and rind, then mix with wooden spoon.

Grease and line a 2lb loaf tin with baking paper. Pour in the mixture and smooth its surface. Bake for 1.15 minutes, check the cake and continue baking till a toothpick or skewer inserted in the cake comes out clean. Cool in the tin, then transfer the cake to a wire rack to cool completely.

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Next launches children's modelling competition, plus fundraising fun!

The Next Generation Children’s Competition 2009 launches on 4 November on Next's Facebook page:

Next is looking for new faces to star in a childrenswear shoot for Next Directory!

It's set to be Britain's most exciting competition for 4 to 7 year olds, offering an unbeatable opportunity for aspiring pint-sized models.

After the launch, parents and guardians can upload photographs of entrants, and family and friends can vote for them. Voting closes at noon on 25 November, when the top 100 entrants will be named. Each finalist, along with three guests, will then be invited to attend the grand final at Woburn Abbey on 21 December.

  • The chance to star in a photoshoot for Next Directory
  • Representation by the highly respected children’s model agency Urban Angels
  • A shopping spree at Next
Become a fan of Next on Facebook and they’ll alert you the minute the competition opens. On 4th November, when the competition opens, you will be able to send your entry form from Facebook. From the 5th November entries will appear in a voting gallery. The competition will be monitored 24 hours a day!


Alongside the Children’s Competition Next will also be running an event for the Make a Wish foundation. Children aged 0-16 are invited to draw a picture showing “their wish” and upload a photo of the picture to the Make a Wish event at A panel of judges at Next will choose the top 50 designs and the entrants responsible for the top designs will be asked to submit their original drawings and join in all the fun of the competition final at Woburn Abbey on 21st December, when an overall winner will be selected. The winning design will be manufactured by Next, with sales benefiting the Make-a-wish Foundation.
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Sunday, 1 November 2009

A truly horrific carnival

Yesterday was Halloween and even the staff in Sainsbury's were celebrating by wearing fancy outfits. It became soon apparent that Michela was not going to enjoy the celebrations this year when she burst into tears after a Sainsbury's employee wearing a scary clown mask said 'Boo' to her.

Undeterred I carved a tiny pumpkin and got the pumpkin candle out of the cupboard. When it got dark I placed the tiny pumpkin outside as a signal for children that they can ring the bell - which is the etiquette in our street.

I had a box of gummy sweets prepared and some chocolate biscuits - no apples this year as fery few children went for them last year and I felt sorry for the little fellow who was egged on by his dad to take the 'nice apple'.

When the bell rang I ladled sweets and chocolate biscuits into baskets and little bags. Michela got scared by the masks again and refused to come out even when a couple of girls wearing less scary outfits rang the bell. It was a pity as she enjoyed it so much last year.

Toddlers change so fast you can never predict their behaviour. Sometimes parenting can be a truly scary experience - if you like to read some horror stories, click the link below and enjoy!
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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Help the Breastfeeding Manifesto Coalition

Breastfeeding symbol


Just got an appeal from the NCT to fill a survey before Friday, 6 November. 

I will do the survey and I invite you reader to do it, too!

Here's some info:
'The Breastfeeding Manifesto Coalition, of which the NCT is a member, is developing a national scheme to support mothers to exercise their right to breastfeed when out and about. We are talking to the Department of Health about the scheme and they may support its roll-out which would help towards the delivery of Objective 5 of the Breastfeeding Manifesto: Develop policy and practice to support breastfeeding in public places. Please click to fill in a quick and easy survey. The scheme will be simple and effective and will be delivered using a number of engaging resources and signage in a whole range of venues. 

The most powerful resource of the scheme is YOU and people just like you across the country - together we'll make sure that many 1,000s of venues sign up to the scheme. The scheme will be in keeping with the Breastfeeding Manifesto's commitment to the World Health Organisation Code of Marketing of breast milk substitutes and subsequent resolutions.

Please spare five minutes to give us your views and forward this survey on to all your friends, family and colleagues who might like to get involved.'

Thursday, 22 October 2009

From the mouth of my own babe

After posting about serious subjects and illness, I am injecting some light relief into my blog with two photos of my gorgeous toddler - now 2 and a half years old - and a report on her antics.

Michela developed her speech early on, so baby cries were soon replaced by grunting and peculiar noises that took the guesswork out of the equation. A crying baby can mean many things: the baby is hungry, he/she is feeling ill, he/she needs a nappy change, he/she is bored and wants some fun with his/her mum, he/she is feeling uncomfortable (usually when the baby is too hot and would love to be able to wrench off that cute bear hat you stuck on his/her head or to wriggle his/her toes out of the novelty socks).

After the expressive sounds, came the words, dada at six months and mama at 8 months.

At one year old she was a chatterbox, she couldn't walk but how she talked! This is when we started watching TV with subtitles on. She learned to walk between 14 and 15 months, which is quite late compared to other toddlers, but a few months later, she was bellowing: "Come here, dada", in the fashion of an army general rallying her troops. By two years old she could count up to 10 and sing an amazing repertoire of rhymes.

Recently, she has learnt to count up to 20 and is very good at doing simple maths. The potty training had to be postponed as she argues against it with a prissy 'I don't think so' when I invite her to plonk her naked botty on the potty.

She has also learned the trick of uttering an exclamation to gain time so she can dazzle us with a witty reply. Her ehm, sounds suspiciously like footballer Steve Gerrard's, though.

Today I suggested we went upstairs to wake up Daddy (he was having a lie in, lucky him) and she said: 'Let's wake up the white haired person.' Which is hilarious since Michael is a bit sensitive about his grey hair. He keeps telling Michela his hair is blond, but she is not fooled.

And I conclude my gushing with Michela's recent report to her Daddy: 'I had a nice bubu with milk in it'. She called my breast bubu when she was less than a year old and it has stuck.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Would you breastfeed in public?

The 2010 Breastfeeding Calendar in aid of Rugby Breastfeeding Cafe, which was called 'provocative' and 'daring' by the Telegraph, is available to buy!

The A3 Calendar costs £10 and covers 17 months. Click here to purchase via Paypal. There is a button for UK buyers and one for the Rest of the World. 

The calendar features real mothers and the stunning photography shows that mums can look wonderful when they feed their little one! I do love the picture of the mum feeding in public. She is still breastfeeding her toddler and helps at the cafe. Which is your favourite?

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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Why are people scared of the breastfeeding doll?

I came across this toy through a forum on Mumsnet. A bit of web research yielded a vitriolic article in the Daily Mail, which I find ridiculous. Aside the fact that I'm a breastfeeding helper, I find dolls that come with bottles hypocritical (in my case since my daughter always disliked bottles, no matter what was inside), so I got rid of it and encouraged my daughter to copy me. As I am still breastfeeding her and she loves aping whatever I do, she didn't find it 'disturbing'.

At the time it was released, Bebe Gloton made headlines in the US too and even across the pond, where breastmilk is on sale and is bought by adoptive parents and cancer sufferers, there were parents who said: 'Yes, I support breastfeeding, but my child is too young to know about it'.

As a positive parent I'm all for being open with my child. The other day I showed my toddler a picture of myself when pregnant and her scan and told her she was inside my belly before she was born. So I guess I made a start explaining the facts of life!

Breastfeeding dolls are not such a novelty anyway, we have the Boobie Buddy pictured below at the breastfeeding cafe, which is a hit with the toddlers. The dolly and her baby have magnets in strategic parts (mouth, hands, breasts of mummy, etc) and she's great as a demonstration tool, too.

Breast Cancer: opinions and initiatives

Following my earlier posts on Cancer, I have been browsing the net and bumped into the website of the Prime Minister's Office (, which states : 'The NHS breast cancer screening programme currently diagnoses more than 14,000 cases of breast cancer each year and saves about 1,400 lives each year, but in 2008 more than a quarter of women failed to take up the opportunity to be screened.' These are scary figures that cannot be ignored.

Breastfeeding and cancer
In the BfN volunteers' forum, a discussion has started regarding the minimisation  of breastfeeding as a factor that can decrease the risk of breast cancer on a charity's website ( I stole a look and agree that the page doesn't mention breastfeeding and when you download the PDF with the full list of factors, breastfeeding is mentioned in a dismissive way. 

Cooking for chemo
Sarah Stewart who set up  Bollocks to Breast Cancer Campaign after being diagnosed with breast cancer this year, sent me a 'tasteful' press release. Eckington Manor Cookery School in Worcestershire is running a unique cookery demonstration for women going through breast cancer treatment. The event is on the night of 23 October (7.00pm to 8.30pm) as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Cancer treatment is long, arduous and affects every part of a sufferer's life. Most of us know that people often lose their hair during chemo, but few realise the host of additional  problems, such as issues with eating. As well as experiencing a metallic taste, the chemicals affect the immune system leaving the mouth sore or prone to infections. Patients often crave food that is either warm or well chilled or feel like nothing at all because of nausea.

Eckington's owner, Judy Gardner, says: 'Not only is nutrition critical when a person is going through chemo but also the taste, texture and temperature are vital too. I’ve supported so many friends through treatment, I know it’s a time when the right sort of food can provide great comfort. The evening is aimed at patients themselves, their friends and family and anyone keen to know more about healthy food in its very literal sense.'

Tutor chef Dean Cole will show participants how to prepare the following dishes, each designed to offer different benefits to chemo patients:

  • Mustard Prawns
  • Speedy Beef Noodles
  • Apple Fool

Also on hand will be Worcester Royal Hospital’s dietician, Ladan Hajihassani, to answer specific questions on nutrition. The price is £12.50 per person which includes the demonstration, tasters of the dishes and a recipe pack to take home. Tickets are available by calling the school on 01386 751600.

Eckington Manor is also running a raffle through to Christmas to raise money for the Worcester Breast Unit. Visit for further information, additional course details and costs.