Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Homemade pizza, what is not to like?

The last slice of my homemade pizza

Yesterday I invited a vegetarian mum and her little girl, who goes to the same school as my daughter for dinner. They are vegetarian so I thought of making pizza and fritters. The savoury fritters were such a pretty starter with the vine tomatoes in the middle (sorry, I forgot to take a pic as I was busy serving). 

The pizza was very tasty, again, I did not take a photo of the lush platter but here is the leftover slice that is going into a lucky girl's lunchbox tomorrow. I do this pizza a lot because it's also tasty cold and perfect for taking to events, especially those with kids. So below is my recipe for the pizza. I have got a feeling I posted a recipe of the fritters before (rice fritters and spinach fritters), if not I will share the recipe again.

First of all, I have a shocking confession to make, actually two. I use a breadmaker to make the dough and I use cheddar to accompany the mozzarella, sometimes I just do cheddar and blue cheese... the sacrilege of it!

If you do not have a breadmaker, here is the recipe for the dough:

1 cup of water (use a cup or if you like numbers, a cup is 4oz
1 tbsp of melted butter (I actually use extra virgin olive oil... shush...)
2 tbsp of sugar
1 tsp of salt
2 3/4 cups of white bread flour
1 tsp of dried fast action yeast

Mix these in a bowl, knead and let to rise covered with a cloth or oiled clingfilm. I even prepared the day before, stuck it in the fridge and made the pizza the day after.

For the sauce, boil some chopped toms from a tin to let the water evaporate, add 1 or 2 tsp of sugar to get rid of acidity. Yes, shock horror, sugar.

To make the pizza, oil the baking tin (the thinner, the better) the spread the dough to cover its base. With a spoon cover the base with the thickened tomato sauce. Add cheese/s grated or cut into thin slices. Sprinkle some mixed herbs on top. Bake in warmed oven for 20 minutes at gas mark 6, 200C.

Get the pizza out and enjoy! If the cheese is not melted, leave in the oven for a bit longer. Also ensure the base is cooked underneath. A soggy bottom is just yucky!