Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Another update... so you know I am still around

Dear Readers,
This is where I now spend my lunch breaks... pure bliss.  
By Peter McGlasham, Wikimedia
I know from the stats that many of you are still sticking around, possibly reading old posts and wondering why I am not updating. The fact is that office work has taken over and I have stopped working from home! I continue contracting for the University of Cambridge and I am now here full time on a temporary contract. Oh the bliss of being connected to the Botanic Garden, despite not succeeding - yet again - to get the trainee opportunity to learn plant identification while working in the Garden. I am going out now and having a stroll in my lunch hour.

I am also doing 100 other things, being involved with a community garden (that blog is updated regularly), doing some fiction writing, volunteer work in various places, trying to be a good member of a Cambridge Skills Exchange (no, I don't look after that blog).

If you are a PR (and yes, I still get emails for product testing), please note that my daughter is 9 years old and this post gives you an idea of my interests. Please send requests for appropriate products.

Thank you all and I will pop in again!