Monday, 31 October 2011

Testing... testing Leapfrog Tag Junior - Scout

Moving house always creates some hassle with the post, even when you set up a redirection - letters and packages often slip through the net. 

I was assigned Tag Junior Scout to test  for the Rainbow Awards, but when I finally got the parcel from my previous address it was too late. Then the half term loomed and I thought it would be a good chance of testing it at our leisure and keep my little one occupied.

Recommended from 1 to 4, Michela was a bit on the old side at 4 and a half years, but as she can't read yet, she really got into it (as you can see from the video above). She even learnt the little jingle by heart. 
Getting it ready
When you get Tag Junior Scout out from its packaging, there is a bit of set up to do as you need to download an application and then the book's audio, plus you can customise this cute puppy (different book pals are available to buy) to say your child's name when it's switched on and switched off. You will need two AAA batteries too. So if you are planning to gift this for Xmas, you better do the 'homework' first to avoid disappointment.

Once switched on, Scout's base is rolled around the book page to discover sounds, hear what the characters have to say or read the story (no parental input needed and no funny reading voices!).

More books
You can buy more books, which retail at £9.99 each - however, click here if you want to take advantage of an offer of £2 off each book. The only niggle I'd have (and other parents have commented on this online) is that more memory would be nice - if you have more than five books you have to rotate them, which in practical terms means unscrewing the back of the pal and connect it to a computer.

What is Tag Junior for?
Tag Junior has been designed to encourage toddlers to acquire preschool skills through fun stories and playful activities revolving around a variety of books. Each Tag Junior book pal (there are other pals to be had, aside Scout) can store up to five books. Each book introduces a different preschool skill, such as the alphabet, counting or social play. 
And if you want to see how your child is doing, you can connect the Tag Junior's pal to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to see your child's progress and get printable activities for more educational fun.

Tag Junior's RRP is £29.99, click here for stockist info.


  • Tag Junior Violet Book Pal has won the following awards:
  • 2011 Top Toy Awards Pass Award
  • 2011 Toy Talk Awards Best Educational Toy
  • 2010 Mother and Baby Magazine Mother and Bay Silver Award
  • 2010 Right Start Best Toy Awards, Highly Commended
  • 2009 Right Start Awards Highly Commended
  • 2009 Practical Pre-School Gold Awards
If you want to try before you buy, click here.
Introducing the next stage....
Highly commended at the Rainbow Toy Awards, Leapfrog's Leapster is suitable from 4 to 9 years. Available from Amazon, Argos and Toys R Us, it retails at £49.99. Below is some information and the testing notes from the Rainbow Toy Awards.

More information 
The future of gaming is captured in the one-of-a-kind handheld that brings mobile learning and educational gaming to children.  Aimed at kids aged between four and nine, Leapster Explorer allows for a truly personalised learning experience with over 35 licensed titles to choose from and an innovative video camera accessory.
The testers said “Very robust, it’s been thrown and dropped on numerous occasions and we’ve had absolutely no problems” and “The play value of the games is endless! “ plus “The ability for parents to follow, track and even help their child’s progress is a fantastic move, overall a great toy”

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