Monday, 23 May 2011

London feels like a lifetime away...

I live in Cambridge, which is about an hour and a half away 'door to door' to central London, but have not been there for years. Early in my pregnancy I started to avoid central London - I suppose the badge Baby on Board didn't work that well on the underground and having found a client in Epping Forest, I stuck to East London (I used to live in E17 then). After the birth I only took the tube to Bond Street once, for a picnic with friends in Hyde Park and that was that!

I had a long maternity leave, never went back to my previous occupation as freelance subeditor and left London for Rugby in August 2008. Late in 2009 we moved to Cambridge. In the past years I have never been back to central London. I did pay two or three visits to East London, to view some houses and see friends but it's 10 miles away from central London and a world away!

I do enjoy living in Cambridge but sometimes I feel a pull for London and my life before I had a child - footloose and fancy free! As I still have the lion share of childcare while working from home, I haven't felt like going to London yet, perhaps waiting until my daughter is old enough to see the awesome museums I used to visit on weekends when I was living in the capital.

So when I read about this competition (, it felt like a blast from the past.... Before living in E17 I lived for eight years near Shoreditch and regularly visited the Brick Lane market, Columbia Road market, Spitafields... It feels like a lifetime away!

So who would I most like to meet in The Hoxton Powder Room, and why? I'd love to meet Dr Who in the 'shape' of David Tennant and travel back in time (after attending the Cybermummy conference, of course). I don't regret my new life, but I feel nostalgic at times, craving for some me time and wondering if my old self is still there, lurking under the mummy clothes....

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  1. You're still under there, lurking, I bet you are! It's just hard to remind ourselves of that on a day to day basis.