Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Catching up.... - my latest copywriting job
I'm still busy catching up after an inhouse stint as a copywriter at Funnily enough the website is also listed in my affiliate marketing list, on the right (click that link to visit the website). I worked on women's and men's fashion, and the new sports and outdoor section (pictured above).

I have been working from home for several years and when I was offered the opportunity of working inhouse again I wasn't quite sure how it would go! Michael took charge of childcare duties, which was a bit more challenging because the preschool was closed due to Easter and various bank holidays. He had work to do too, so he worked over the Easter and bank holidays, which means we didn't celebrate together. I took Michela to an Easter egg hunt at my neighbour's house, which was nice...

During the working week, it was eerie to go to work and be 'childless' for several hours. And when I got home it was quite manic as I still had other work commitments and charity stuff to do. I missed a breastfeeding dropin, but I managed to produce a 48-page NCT newsletter, do a bit of gardening at the preschool, help set up a children's event and do publicity for the Eco Homes event. And I finished some files that needed indexing for a regular client.

The most unusual thing about my inhouse gig at was to be able to commute by bike. I cycled to the office and back (15-20 mins each journey) and occasionally cycled to Histon village to visit its great charity shop and the local supermarket in my lunchhour. I loved it! No need for the bus and unhurried cycling in dry weather.

Now I'm back typing on my kitchen table by a window overlooking the garden. In a few minutes it's pick up time. I did miss not seeing the mums I know but was glad to find out that most children got a place at the local school so Michela will have lots of friends when she starts in September!

PS... I have some products to test still, so if you sent me something, please bear with me!

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