Monday, 20 June 2016

Back at home... applying for a PhD and jobs...

Standing in my garden on a recent sunny day (not today)
My contract terminated late in May so in the past few weeks, I have been applying for jobs (permanent and contract ones). I have also applied for a PhD and would like to be accepted and do some research on blogging, but of course you never know so I have still to apply for selected jobs. I say selected because I am limited location-wise (I cycle to work) and hours-wise (I have to pick up my daughter from the afterschool club before 6pm). My partner has a busy job so he can only help now and then.

I have more time now so have been spring-cleaning the house (including very dusty bookshelves), been baking and indulging my social media accounts. I have also started a new creative writing blog and you can read my fiction here. I am feeling good, either HRT is working or I have SAD as I don't do as well in winter months (this year it will be different as I will take action - and it helps having an arm that works again after nasty tennis elbow). Aside tweeting marketing stuff, I also spend more time on Facebook and other platforms discussing the EU referendum. I have no vote despite living in UK for many years so I can only join the debate verbally. I am for remain and if not, I would have changed my mind as a huge number of brexit people are nasty beyond belief (online) or do not trust rational views (figures are figures, emotions are something else).

So here is another update. I am on the lookout for new things to test. My daughter is 9 and I am a keen cyclist. Would love to test some cycling gear/accessories. Have sent a request for two products, let's see...

PS It's likely I will not be working this summer so no holiday club for my daughter. I have plans for some great stuff to do together. I am not stern on tablet/computer use, my daughter puts them down if I offer an activity, if not she can spend time on them while I do other stuff. She grew up with me hitting keys all the time, even when breastfeeding her. It would be hypocritical to limit her enjoyment. Also forbidden fruit tastes sweeter. I know what children's development people say but she did not become addicted to TV after spending hours while I was trying to work from home and no, she has not moved from addiction to addiction, she can put the tablet down if I offer time with her.

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