Sunday, 22 September 2013

Toyota travelogue 2013: from England to Italy

Our Toyota will be 10 years old in October - in the past five years we have been taking a few continental journeys from England to Italy through France (once through Belgium), which have been documented on this blog and a newsletter (see links at the bottom of this post).

We started travelling with a toddler and we now have a school-age child and a lighter boot - you can well imagine what it is like to travel with a young child with the travel cot, buggy, bulky car seat, etc... This year we have been able to take back oil, wine and other continental delicacies (madeleines, langues de chat, saucisson sec, Mont St-Michel biscuits...) that took our fancy. 

This year, the itinerary was: Cambridge, Laon, Dijon, Grenoble, Asti, Lyon, Reims, Calais. Calais has a surprisingly nice, clean beach and great facilities for kids as it has several free playgrounds for all ages (from baby to teens) just opposite the beach. It was kind of interesting to walk around the beach, pick up shells, build a sand castle and see big ferries come in and leave.

First stop: Laon

Laon's cathedral - a pilgrimage hotspot in the Middle Ages
Laon, part of the old walls
Laon - this sign tickled our funny bones
Laon, The Templars' Chapel

On the French motorway: two of the best aires

Aire d'Urvillers

    Aire de Jugy

    Second stop: Dijon

    Dijon: main park

    Dijon: old buildings in the prime shopping area

    Third stop: Grenoble
    Grenoble: the old fort 

    Grenoble: a church angel

                                   Fourth stop: Castagnole, near Asti
    Castagnole: the baroque church

    Castagnole: the tower

                                                         Fifth stop: Lyon

Lyon: the farmers' market (Sunday)

Lyon: the Japanese tea stall at the farmers' market

Lyon: a stunning square close to our hotel

    Sixth stop: Reims
Reims: the cathedral

Reims: the Art Museum

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