Sunday, 21 February 2010

Breastfeeding older children

I'm reading this book, which is about breastfeeding toddlers. I'm still breastfeeding Michela who is three in April so I have a personal interest, aside a 'professional' one. This modest looking publication caused a stir when the author, Ann Sinnott, appeared on GMTV to promote it.

A mother who breastfeeds a four year old was there and they also invited Clare Byam-Cook, who uttered a few controversial statements against breastfeeding older children. These caused a commotion in breastfeeding circles and several outraged comments from mums appeared on the GMTV's website. Click here to see the video that sent breastfeeding mums on a virtual warpath.

I have been busy with writing, so I have only had a chance to buy the book recently. My first impressions are that it's really sad some mothers have to hide the fact they are breastfeeding a toddler because they fear criticism from people and even health professionals. But then I remember that program called Extreme Breastfeeding where mums breastfeeding older children were treated a bit like freaks.

And if I'm honest, the first time I went to a breastfeeding cafe when Michela was weeks old, there was a mum breastfeeding a toddler and I did think it was a bit weird. So it's poetic justice that I now think it's perfectly normal - all I'm doing is waiting for my daughter to stop rather than imposing my decision.
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  1. This is a bit like something I have been talking about on my blog recently, not the breast feeding but the judging of others. We have no right to judge what others do, unless of course it's abuse or any sort, but when it's something as personal as this, in my view, contraversial or not, people should keep their noses out.

    Typical media hype to start such a debate that gets the anti-everythings into a state of judgement.

    CJ xx

  2. I think I will be in your shoes in a year or so. I've tagged you over at my blog, I hope you'll play along, it's a pretty big issue.