Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Back to school - where has the summer gone?

We went back to the Aire of Jugy -
see updated pics here (link to come)

We came back from the holidays the day before the schools opened and it has been hectic. My partner flew abroad for a business trip a few days later and I have been holding the fort while working from home.

We had a great holiday driving from Cambridge to northern Italy through France and our soon-to-be-ten Toyota didn't break down. What will we do when it does? I will blog about this soon as I have some photos to share.

I have also been networking, which is not innate for me but it's coming along nicely - give me a break, if I were a consummate chatter, I'd be in sales not content marketing (ie writing stuff). If, like me, you are a bit nervous in a room full of strangers, just smile, look around and locate somebody on their own. This trick works very well, I have learnt it at my first business conference from a really smart lady. It's not as creepy as it sounds, honest!

We had a lovely summer in the UK and some rain in Italy courtesy of the Cambridge cloud (a real cloud, I'm not talking about internet storage). It follows us around a bit. But after a few warm days back in the UK, the idyll was over, with cold, rainy days. I just about managed to mow the grass and rake it before the grey clouds arrived.

Well, that's it for now. I have heaps of things to do and a  work file to go through.

Hope you are all doing well and the kids are enjoying school.

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