Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Testing, testing... Comfort fabric conditioner + colour fashion tips

As mentioned in a previous post, my daughter started school in September. Between uniform kits and after-school clothes, the washing pile has doubled up. So when I was sent two samples of Comfort fabric conditioner (one for brights and one for whites), I thought it was very timely indeed.

I have now used up the bottle for brights (most of my daughter's clothes are very colourful) and I can confirm it makes garments feel soft and leaves a lovely, lingering fragrance. Comfort Bright Colours is suitable for use on all colours, from pastels through to deeper shades, and even stripes and patterns. I washed a few sets of stripey sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases too and I couldn't stop sniffing my pillowcase - there is no greater pleasure than clean and soft bedlinen that smells fresh. I haven't noticed any fading so far, which is great news as repeated washes can take their toll on textiles. 

I haven't used up the Comfort Bright Whites fabric conditioner, but I must admit it has surpassed my expectations. After just one wash, my partner's t-shirts and my smalls came out dazzling white. Apparently, this is thanks to the Pro-White formula, which counteracts yellow or grey tones that can cause dulling and discolouration. The only thing that slightly surprised me is that the conditioner's colour is purple, like the Bright Colours version.

Pricewise, Comfort fabric conditioners are around £1 more than a supermarket's own conditioner but are more concentrated, have a longer-lasting fragrance and an eco-friendly bottle (redesigned to cut down packaging). Available nationwide, Comfort fabric conditioners (Whites and Brights) retail at £2.25 for 750ml (21 washes) and £3.88 for 1.5l (42 washes).

Colour Confidence tips from Colour Me Beautiful
Comfort has teamed up with colour image consultants Colour Me Beautiful to offer women fashion advice to suit all complexions and hair shades. I'm a DEEP, what type are you?

  • If you have light blonde hair, fair pale skin and very light coloured eyes, you are a LIGHT.  Your eyelashes and brows may need to be tinted to stand out. Your overall look is light and delicate.      Always wear white or a light colour near your face – darker colours will create shadows. Strong colours will overwhelm you, so keep these to the bottom half if you can. When wearing a medium to dark shade, always add a light contrasting colour, this can be in the form of jewellery or scarf
  • If you have dark hair, and dark eyes – and whether your skin is light or dark, you are a DEEP.  Your eyebrows will be dark and defined. You will look good in strong, richer colours (deep purples, damson, teal, emerald green for example). If you like pastel shades, wear them as a contrast with darker colours.   Wear white with dark shades – you look great in strong contrasts. In the summer, wear the brighter colours in your palette near your face and forget about taupes or beiges. Use accessories to lift a head-to-toe colour if this is a look you like.
  • If you have red-tones to your hair, from strawberry blonde to auburn, with green, brown or blue eyes, you are WARM. You will most likely have freckles! Your overall look is warm and golden so choose colours with a yellow undertone (e.g. daffodil shades, terracotta, khaki, lime green, turquoise and for neutrals warm greys, creams and browns). You can wear your colours either tone-on-tone, or contrasting. Wear white together with warm tones to keep you glowing. If you wear navies and greys, make sure you combine them with warm golden shades. Banish any blue-based pinks in your wardrobe and make-up bag. Make the most of your fabulous hair colour with good conditioning and a current hairstyle.
  • With rosy skin tone, grey, ash, salt and pepper, or platinum tones to your hair and blue or grey eyes, your colouring is COOL. Make the most of your striking elegant colouring – pinks and blues are your best friends. Ban anything with a yellow undertone from your wardrobe – and make-up bag too. Contrast your darker shades with brighter, lighter colours. Wear white with cool blues to stay looking fresh all summer long. Brown and beiges should not feature in your wardrobe.
  • Do you have dark hair, and piercing blue, green or topaz eyes?  If so, you are a CLEAR.  If you are dark-skinned, you will have a strong contrast between the white of your eye and the iris. Vibrant colours are perfect for you. Your striking appearance is best matched with clear, bright and jewel-like tones, in particular near your face. Avoid wearing pale colours by your face, unless you can contrast it with a stronger, brighter one. Wear White always with brights for super-flattering contrast. Mix your colours in a dramatic contrasting way for impactJust don’t wear dark colours on their own. Go for bold colours in your accessories.
  • If your eye colour is blended or muted, and if your hair is mousy or highlighted you are a SOFT.  You will have a medium skin tone. Blend colours together rather than wear clothes with high contrast. Choose colours from the same colour family for a blended look. Lift darker shades with colours one or two tones lighter. Wear white with medium tones to avoid unflattering contrasts. Go for tone-on-tone accessories. Add highlights to mousy hair to lift your look. Go for textured or matt fabrics – nothing shiny or light-reflecting.

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