Thursday, 3 March 2011

Simple pleasures

I have just noticed there is a blog hop on another homeworking parent's blog and scanning through my posts here I can't find anything aside work, work, work for months on end. Of course I have another blog where I post about crafts and activities, but we need an injection of fun here too!

I have been wrapped up in homeworking but have been enjoying simple pleasures too, such as snow activities (including snow ice cream) in December, kite flying in January and February and lovely walks in various parks (here's one in Staffordshire).

I also get great pleasure from cooking good food (cakes foremost) and crafts - now that my daughter can do more activities, we have fun together too! Below are some photos to illustrate our hobbies.

Chocolate cake, made in slow cooker

Michela stamps away at her craft station

Mittens I knitted for Michela. I'm now working on a maxi cardi

I wrote this post for a blog hop, but here is a blog carnival I participated to, flying the flag of homeworking - plenty of fun reads there!

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