Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Xmas wishes, snow balls, snowmen, snow ice cream and British Mummy Bloggers' blogs

Happy Xmas to everybody!

Snowball fight
This is our winter wonderland - not as much snow as in other localities in the UK but we have the sub zero temperatures, BRRRR! This is the first time my little imp managed to make and throw a snowball, which hit my leg.

Then after the snowball mini fight, we built a family of snowmen: Daddy, Mummy and two little ones. They don't look that impressive but we had to scrape quite a bit of snow to make them as we haven't had a big snowfall yet.

Family of snowmen

How to make snow ice cream
Snow ice cream, looks more like slushy...
I got the recipe off the internet and modified the ingredients to make a small amount, for more recipes and even videos of how to make it, click here.  This recipe will make four generous cups of ice cream. You will need 125ml of milk, 60g of sugar, 1 teaspoon flavouring (the recipe said vanilla but you can add mint or any other essence you have), three cups of snow (better fluffy but you can make it with more compact snow).
 To make the ice cream, mix milk, flavouring and sugar in a bowl or jug, then slowly spoon in the snow, mixing carefully. Enjoy! My photo shows a slushy mixture as my snow was a bit compact but it was tasty. In Italy we have a simpler version of snow ice cream, just get the snow in a cup with a metal spoon, add lemon juice and sprinkle with sugar to your taste. It's just like a fluffy, lovely granita....

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