Thursday, 2 August 2012

Me and Pana Lumix in London

In July, me and Pana Lumix sauntered to London to collect a Dove pampering package I won through a competition run by the West London Mum Blog. I heard about it through Britmums' compo network, so I recommend joining this group if you want to receive alerts of giveaways.

It was my closest Dove Spa branch (publictransportwise), although I had to compromise with the venue as the central London branch was booked up. The fab thing about the prize is that I was also sent a cheque covering the travel expenses, so I opted for visiting the Docklands branch. After walking around the Docklands, I visited some of my fave spots in central London and still had time to get back and do the school run! Here is a medley in no apparent order, with a few captions...

Getting ready for the Batman premiere in Leicester Square

Olympic-themed travel advice

Tiffany's at Canary Wharf - me minus croissant and beehive hairdo

I used to freelance for a magazine based in that tower

China Town - London's West End

The lovely sofa at Dove Spa. I'd love one in black

The best ice cream I have ever had - better than Marine Ice, from
La Gelateria in King Street (between Leicester Square and Covent Garden)
Docklands - squint and you'll see the Shard and Gherkin

Covent Garden - art attack!
The best pistachio ice cream ever from La Gelateria

Covent Garden - the pretty crafty market

The pub where I met a few of my exes when living in London

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