Friday, 27 April 2012

Testing, testing, testing.... Penwizard's personalised books

This is the default setting for the book, Michela's copy had  "school"
instead of "playgroup", while the character had brown hair and eyes.

Two posts in a day??? Yes, I know, it might snow tonight... I'm really behind with my blogging so after publishing a rant, I'm attacking the backlog.

As regular readers know, I have spent the past three years or so reviewing products for a parenting website, but it's coming to an end as my daughter is five and there are fewer opportunities to test products (the last item I tested was a car seat as she still has to use one). Furthermore, products that are up for review are usually baby/toddler equipment, no toiletries or fancy products.  So it's down to my blog to review the products for school-aged children!

First up is a personalised book featuring Peppa Pig and my daughter. I ordered this from Penwizard after some customisation so the character beside Peppa looked more like Michela. I also typed a special message as Michela is very proud to be five. The book arrived pretty quickly and I showed it to her at bedtime. She was so excited to see her name in print she flapped her hands as if they were wings, a funny thing she still does. She is a big fan of Peppa pig, so she was really chuffed to share the pages with her favourite character.

We read it together (she has just started to read, so she needs a bit of help), then she frankly offered her opinions. Now, if you have a five year old, you will know that they are pretty critical, so any opinions she expressed doesn't mean that she didn't love the book.

So what was her criticism about? She liked the purple dress but fancied a green one, or even blue, the school's colour. The outdoor pages were missing the sun, flowers and some clouds. She also said that glitter would have been very nice.

Still the fact is that it's her own book, with her name on it and she is going to keep it forever....

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