Monday, 23 September 2013

Guest post: top tips for a comfortable and beautiful vintage home

The vintage look is still in, but if you are not keen on old furniture or antiques, it doesn't have to be musty interiors with back-breaking furniture and rigid, scratchy fabrics, writes Jessica Christian from

You can easily incorporate a vintage feel into your home while retaining all modern, hedonistic comforts. It is surprisingly simple to retain the best of mod cons while injecting vintage glamour, especially since mainstream manufacturers have taken notice of our love of vintage elegance and are creating stunning reproductions. 

Quality reproduction furniture can look as good as old pieces, but comes with user-friendly innovations such as soft-close drawers, easy-clean surfaces and stain-resistant fabrics - the colourful take on the chesterfield sofa pictured above and the elegant cabinet with slender legs are attractive examples.

But it's especially in the bedroom that we crave comfortable charm. In the old days they knew how to inject style in a bedroom - think thick linen sheets, handmade quilts and embroidered pillow cases... These were indeed beautiful, soft to the touch but not easy to maintain - delicate embroidery doesn't fare well in a washing machine.  However you can indulge yourself by choosing easy-care quality fabrics, a multitude of decorative pillows and luxurious blankets and throws. Bedding and bedroom furnishings are available in such an enormous range of colours, sizes, fabrics and patterns that you are spoilt for choice.
You can also add small touches of vintage appeal here and there. An embroidered footstool in an empty corner or even a neat stack of old suitcases positioned to form a stylish bedside table can impart a delightful and ageless je-ne-sai-quoi to your very own boudoir.

It might not offer all mod cons, but vintage furniture is superb. Made to last in seasoned wood by expert craftsmen, it can last for centuries if properly cared for. Soft modern cushions can take the edge off the unyielding hardness of solid wood. Salvage yards, auctions and second-hand shops can unearth vintage treasures.

What if you are on a tight budget?

If you cannot afford to replace your furniture and are pushed for space, you can achieve interesting effects by injecting vintage style through paint and accessories. A dado or picture rail instantly adds old-fashioned charm to any room, including a narrow entrance or bland corridor.

Accessories can really jazz up a room and ooze vintage vibes - just think of orange, brown and cream chevrons… the Seventies, right? Cream, soft rose and dusky blue – the fabulous twenties! And do you remember seeing photos of Eighties' petrol blue and dove grey power suits? Each decade has a distinct colour palette - a good place to start if money is tight.

This article was sent by Jessica Christian. Visit her blog for more interior decorating tips. 

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