Sunday, 24 June 2012

Blog woes - what can I (you) do? Britmums Live to the rescue!

I participated to two hangouts during Britmums Live last Friday. I'm the one with the comedy poncho [this is my partner's view, personally I think it's a hyper-cool Spaghetti Western look, thank you very much]. 

For some reason the sound is a bit iffy here and there, so I have decided to sum up what I learnt through these two sessions. I will be brief, if you are gagging for more, just watch the videos. Disclaimer: comments in [  ] are my own opinions, not panel of experts' views.

The themes in a nutshell (in no particular order): 
  • the challenges of monetizing a new blog [nobody knows you, who are you???]
  • how to submit your writing to a literary agent or publisher [do some research, please]
  • how much promotion is needed to be spotted [how long is a piece of string?]
  • how you can get more followers [I suppose bribery/emotional blackmail are out of the question?]
  • how you can raise your game
  • how to blag products [sorry, I meant blog about products - after all we are giving away advertising space out of the goodness of our heart for a pittance, sorry again, I meant enthusiasm about the brand]

  • be passionate
  • have your own style
  • share good content and great pics
  • be regular [not in the toilet department, we are talking blogging here]
  • promote your blog using digital media platforms
  • build a community
  • get traffic by talking to people [don’t plug your blog too much, though, nobody likes blogging bores]
  • get into discussions and conversations [not virtual scraps, easy tiger!]
  • aim for a clear design so the blog is readable [no green-coloured fonts, please]
  • don’t rush to submit if you want a book deal. Polish and get a good digital presence
  • get people to follow you [sadly stalkers don't count]
  • study your competitors and do better
  • ask for bloggers to guest-post 
  • product reviews are a big no-no if you want a book deal [I surely know that having being booted out of Mumsnet Bloggers for posting too many reviews... but then shouldn’t I write what I want???? It’s my blog, right I am doomed to blogging purgatory!]

PS: I really felt the G+ force there and I will try to use google+ more. 

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  1. Really good tips that will help so many bloggers and would-be authors.