Thursday, 17 November 2011

Breastfeeding books for children and competition

I support breastfeeding and have been volunteering at various drop-ins for over three years now. So I was delighted to find out that breastfeeding books for children were being launched by Pinter and Martin, independent publishers of psychology, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, fiction and yoga books. I read both books to my daughter who breastfed well into toddlerhood and she really enjoyed them.

The Mystery of the Breast (£6.99) is a beautifully illustrated book where a little girl comes to grip with breastfeeding as she sees her mother nurse her little brother. This book received an award for its illustration in Spain, but I think the narration deserves a special mention too as it presents breastfeeding in a natural, nurturing and loving light.

You, Me and the Breast (£6.99) won the first prize for illustrated children's books in Spain. It's a captivating book that relies on a quirky, very original and colourful drawings to show the intimate bond and benefits that breastfeeding brings to a family. And the best bit is that there is a baby with teeth still breastfeeding and transitioning to solid food.

To stay in theme, I am mentioning a competition run by a fellow BritMums blogger, where you can win £40 of breastfeeding clothing and products. If you want to enter it, visit Yellow Days (just click the name of the blog).

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  1. I've never seen any childrens books about breastfeeding, how lovely. Thanks for the link to my comp. I hope your readers like the prize as much as mine seem to.