Saturday, 5 March 2011

World Book Night: I was one of 20,000 givers

I was one of the 20,000 book givers selected throughout the UK to give away 48 copies of one of 25 books. I chose M Atwood's Blind Assassin, which won the Booker prize in 2000. I love Atwood and have read all her novels. There were only a couple I didn't read from front to back cover because they didn't appeal to me, The Penelopiad and Oryx and Crake. I deeply enjoyed all the rest and I am looking forward to re-read this one (I have kept one copy for myself).

So what did I do with my copies? The idea is to give the books away tonight, 5 March, but as I have a young daughter it didn't seem very practical (nor safe, nor pleasant as it's a rainy day), plus there was a fair at her preschool and as I was volunteering there, I brought around 20 copies to give away.

I decided to release the rest in town this afternoon. After ruling out the library my partner and I (plus our little daughter in her pram) set up by the entrance of the Lion Yard/Grand Arcade, the main shopping centre in Cambridge, and gave most of the rest away. I have retained a few copies to do a bookcrossing drop at the University Centre as there is a designated area there  - another small batch has been promised through an online forum and will go to locals too.

It was quite funny to see that some people are really suspicious when something of value is given free, but most accepted the book and some advanced with both hands outstretched when they realised we didn't expect donations and weren't religious nuts. Most of the people who wanted the book were women. They took it without even checking what it was. Many said thanks and looked pleased.

Happy giving, everyone!


  1. I love Margaret Atwood and know Cambridge well. I can picture you there! Well done!

  2. I was a World Book Night giver as well. Here's my post about what I did:

  3. I was a WBN giver in Colchester for The Reluctant Fundamentalist and took photos of some of my releases and the WBN event:-