Thursday, 17 December 2009

Snow, wall of shame and a heartwarming story

Today it snowed while we were walking in central Cambridge.

The magic was short lived. When we came out from the library, the sun had reappeared and an icy wind blew on us all the way back home.

Snow aside, we have a white mountain in our lounge, which I call the wall of shame. Behind the white sheet there is a solid wall of cardboard boxes full of stuff we couldn't fit in the garage. We are lucky we did find a house to rent with a garage, but even covered, our wall of shame is a bit of an eyesore. I stuck a poster on it and a few Xmas decorations but it still looks like a mess. I'm hoping this is a temporary arrangement but who knows if we will ever find a house to buy...

The mess underneath is Michela's collection of toys and books. We have piles in all rooms. The grownup place we planned pre-birth never happened. Ultimately the toys have won the war. I am becoming addicted to crates, especially lidded ones.

Lastly, the moving story. I was sent this link through a forum and it is such a heartwarming tale, perfect for the festive season (or indeed all year round)! The headline says it all: Nursing Moses: Moms step in after infant's mother dies. Before you click on it, have some hankies ready!

SNOW UPDATE: my partner stepped out the front door onto a blanket of snow. It must have started snowing when we were snug inside with our curtains drawn. Just looked out into our snowy garden, it is still snowing....

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