Sunday, 24 May 2015

Fun photoshoot with Child Morphsuit

In my previous post - the popular Bank Holiday Bonanza Competition - I gave away a Child Morphsuit - here is our fun review....

Michela and I pondered for ages on which look to go for and settled on the Tiger. There are many tempting costumes to choose from, so it was not easy.... If you visit this page you will understand our dilemma.

This review will be of the pictorial variety, I think these photos can show how great this suit is and the references you can make for that Book Day at school or any occasion when you need a fancy costume....

This tiger came for tea. "Is it you Tigger?" asked Pooh

"Tigger who? I will be mother," replied the tiger

"Don't mess with me, I am not in the mood"

"Do you think you have me cornered?"

"Look what I can do, eat your heart out, Tigger!"

PS: If you are into Disney princesses, you might want to take this quiz... 

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