Thursday, 11 August 2011

Testing, testing... Carte D'Or and Kenco - plus affogato recipe

It's the summer holidays! I have received samples for two products that are a hit in our household: coffee and ice cream. My partner is the coffee drinker but I do love coffee poured over ice cream, so this PR homage was just the ticket! Affogato is easy peasy to make. I placed a few scoops of Carte D'Or Macadamia Night (a new flavour!), in a cold glass (pop in freezer for a little while) and poured over Kenco Smooth coffee (made into a small cup). If you are serving this to friends or family, you have to be quick, otherwise you will be offering sludge instead of a heavenly concoction.

 Affogato photo credit: Humphry Slocombe

Kenco Smooth

Kenco Smooth
The new-design, slender jar contains coffee that doesn't disappoint: not too bitter, easy to drink, not too strong, exactly what "Smooth" suggests! The new jar has less glass and an eco refill is also available. From £2.98 for a 100g jar.

Carte D'Or Macadamia Night

This new flavour really worked well in the affogato, but I found it not nutty enough for my taste. Perhaps I'm a bit biased as my great Carte D'Or favourites are the Mascarpone and Lavazza coffee flavours (and yes, you can pour coffee over the coffee ice cream if you fancy a double flavour hit). Each flavour retails at £3.49 RRP.

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