Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Testing, testing... moisturisers for problem skin - Part 2

Busy mums don't have time for lots of potions and lotions - BMB's Twitter party proved that we mummy bloggers rely on a handful of essentials, among which are moisturisers. Here are two more moisturisers for problem and very dry skin. If you missed Part 1 with the reviews of Gloves In A Bottle and Skin MD, just click here.

Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream

Simple Derma

Simple Derma is a moisturiser for very dry, sensitive skin so it's also suitable if you are prone to eczema and dermatitis. Children can use this cream too, so it's a great product the whole family can share.

Before I tested it, I washed my face with soap and didn't use any products for a day so my skin was like fine-grade sandpaper. I massaged in a blob of Simple Derma and although it did take longer to sink in than other moisturisers I have tried, my skin ended up glowing and looking well dehydrated. 

As creams that are too thin won't protect problem skin, the fact that it doesn't sink in instantly is actually an advantage - this means this product is offering good protection.

As expected with a hypoallergenic cream, Simple Derma has no perfume and no colour.  It felt slightly greasy on my fingers but it does do what it says on the jar! It's available in three different sizes: 50ml, 125ml and 350ml. The 50ml format retails at £2.34 from Boots.com, which is a bargain!

Salcura Zeoderm Dry Skin Repair Moisturiser
Salcura Zeoderm

This is a Class 1-medical-device cream that retails at £8.99 for 50ml. It is not cheap, but this is a natural moisturiser free from paraffin, petro-chemichals, steroids, lanolin, alcohol and parabens.
Salcure Zeoderm is in fact an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cream for dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and skin allergy conditions. It also works on urticaria, latex allergy, acne, wounds, burns and blisters.

I have dry skin but don't suffer from any itch or burning skin, so to test its soothing properties I applied it after I removed my upper lip fluff, a procedure that usually stings this very sensitive area and leaves it red and blotchy (brunettes do have this unwanted hair problem).

The moisturiser did its job as the burning sensation vanished. I applied it to the rest of my face to test its hydrating potential. Overall it took a bit longer to sink in than other moisturisers but didn't leave me with greasy or oily fingers.

As I do my hair removal in the evening, I applied it before bedtime and woke up the next morning with plump, hydrated and lovely skin.

The only thing that is slightly offputting is the yellow colour, which must be due to one of the ingredients (I don't think the manufacturers would use an artificial colorant in a natural cream).

Watch this space for more reviews...

So that's it for the moisturisers for problem skin, more reviews of moisturisers are in the pipeline. Thanks to all the PRs for sending samples and replying to my queries promptly. These products were not unsolicited offerings - I chose to review them on the basis of their properties and affordability. This is a Crème de la Mer-free zone!


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  2. This product really is good. I just got one of the new 250ml tubes in a pharmacy and its so easy to use. The red itchy patches of skin that i get just go so quickly.

    Its so worth the money.