Sunday, 13 March 2011

Spring has sprung

Tulips from our garden
Daffodils growing around our oriental cherry tree
This year spring has come earlier as we have plenty of bulbs in bloom in the front and back garden. Last year we had to wait till April to see a decent display. I love daffodils and these wonderful tulips our landlord gave us to plant. I try not to pick them but here are just a few Michela and I brought indoor to celebrate nature's awakening!

Michael and I have been on a few bike rides too while Michela was at preschool, we are spending some quality time as a couple while our workload has slowed down. It has been crazy for several months and we didn't have much time together as he was away in London from dawn to late at night and I was working at the weekend. On the workfront it's also getting close to the end of the financial year, so the tax return is looming! But let's think happy thoughts now, Happy Early Spring, everybody!

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