Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Who's afraid of the Half Term?

On Tuesday I 'went' to my first Twitter party, organised by British Mummy Bloggers to brainstorm activities that will keep our children amused at home or away. I tweeted a few suggestions:
  • Collect twigs, berry and leaves to make an autumn picture on a rainy day (just add glue and paper)
  • Make fluffy magic wands and fishing rods using twigs, string, feathers and sequins...
  • Use to map local walks (only some cities are on the site, though)
  • Go to an Apple Day event - find events in England by clicking here.
  • If in Cambridge, check out the University of Cambridge What's On website and Local Secrets' events section.
British Mummy Bloggers is also having a poll on their blog and it looks like most of us are staying at home. As you have guessed, we live in Cambridge and our preschool closes on 22 October, so there's an extra day to the usual half-term week. I will be browsing the University of Cambridge What's On site and Local Secrets' events section, plus go to a local Apple Day event. Michela is quite 'artistic', so no doubt there will be plenty of sticking, crayonning and colouring... Fingers crossed it doesn't rain all week!

Oh, and to answer the question, I'm very scared... I have work to do and a child on my hands for six days (excluding weekends, of course).

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