Thursday, 21 October 2010

Testing, testing... Hasbro toys - In the Night Garden Tea Party

In the Night Garden Tea set

Thanks to Mummy Bloggers, I was invited to test some Hasbro toys. The choice was mouthwatering (I love toys and I do envy Tom Hank's job in Big) but as I have a daughter who is three and into role play, I went for In the Night Garden Tea Party (pictured above). 

This is such a treat, we usually test children's equipment for Made for Mums but they don't do toys. Still, these reviews are useful to parents who are overwhelmed by the mountain of products available in shops. If you are interested in reading our reviews, click here and scroll down to reviews.

This In the Night Garden tea set was a test of Michela's affections as she used to love In The Night Garden (and I did too, I did a lot of writing work with the programme in the background) but although she still plays with her talking Makka Pakka (a present for her 2nd birthday alongside the Upsy Daisy trike, all pictured at the bottom of this blog), she doesn't want to watch the programme anymore.

Try this, Igglepiggle

This is yummy, Upsy Daisy

More tea, vicar... erm Igglepiggle? (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Michela watching the DVD with her friends
How did it go? The pictures speak for themselves, but here are few notes from me. I wished the characters were designed to sit down as I did have to prop them up. We could have used Michela's litte chairs but then it would have taken half of our cramped little room and blocked the passage to the kitchen - a no-no with a permanently hungry toddler. That said, later on Igglepiggle was taken for a ride in Michela's buggy and put to sleep, so the position worked for 'bedtime'. 

The game is suitable from 2 years+, which is a correct assessment in my opinion, at three she is still keen on it, although the included DVD wasn't watched in its entirety. She is a bit bored by the fact the characters don't say much - which is fitting as she is a chatterbox. The price, £29.99, is fair value as if you buy the individual toys in that size and some accessories and a DVD you'd spend more.

The theme is great, any toddler, boy or girl loves a picnic. My daughter goes to preschool and all the children love playing with plastic plates, pans, etc. As you can see in pics, Michela added some plastic food and other accessories to the tea set, plus a red napkin used a picnic rug. One last comment from Mummy: can the headband be adjustable? Michela loved wearing it but it was on the small side.
Michela still enjoys her Upsy Daisy trike
Michela after her 2nd birthday (clutching Makka Pakka)

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