Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Battle of Breast versus Bottle

 Michela having a go at one of my fun bags
 Here we go again, after the furore following the TV promotion of 
Breastfeeding Older Children by Ann Sinnott, mothers have 
again divided in two camps after some ladette-style, 
anti-breastfeeding comments by the deputy editor of a 
parenting magazine. As perhaps intended, the article has opened 
the floodgates of controversy among breastfeeding organisations, 
mums and media commentators. Click here and here for two 
articles of horrified journalists, including a bottlefeeding mum.
Having freelanced for the magazine in question a few years 
back, I'm a bit puzzled that these comments have been published, 
especially since the publication was the first baby consumer 
mag in the UK to have a breastfeeding mum on cover last 
year, plus a positive feature. Click here to see it.
Is it a question of courting advertisers of formula products or 
controversy? It certainly happened at an awkward time of the 
year, during National Breastfeeding Awareness Week. Read the 
article here, make your own mind up and leave comments if you 
wish. There is a link to the Facebook group, too. 

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