Friday, 18 December 2009

Snowmens sans frontieres...

The winner of the December 09 challenge (with hat and sans hat)

 The December 2009 winner (detail) and the snowmen from the January 2009 challenge (English snowman at the back)

Forfeit victory to the Italian contender
Yesterday evening the snow started falling again and it continued overnight so by morning there was a thick blanket in the back garden. The snowmam challenge was on so the two contenders stepped out with pint-sized referee Michela in tow.

The English and Italian contenders made a start but the English contender did a Paula Radcliffe (I can't make a snowman with this kind of snow). The Italian contender completed the challenge by building a snowman against a tree. There was hissing and spitting from the English side who awarded nul points to the snowman as it was not free standing. However, the referee awarded a forfeit victory to the Italian contender.

This is the second victory for Italy as the previous snowman challenge in January 2009 was won by the Italian on the grounds of endurance. The English snowman didn't last due to shoddy workmanship. The Italian contender generously revealed the secret behind the two victories: 'Snow must be compatted and worked bit by bit, simply rolling won't produce a good, sturdy snowman.'

Can you produce a better snowman? The e-challenge is still on... Send your pics to membersfeedback at and I will upload them.

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