Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Eat your heart out, Jamie Oliver

Tonight I watched Jamie Oliver make American pancakes with his daughters and found it hilarious that he didn't know the secret of making real American pancakes. The pancakes he made were as thin as Scotch pancakes (sometimes called dropped scones).

I have been making American pancakes for years and the secret is in the baking powder. If you want a thick, fluffy American pancake you need to use American or Canadian baking powder as it is stronger than the British one. Years ago, I asked a friend to get me some and the results were spectacular. I have been making some mean blueberries pancakes, stacks of thick ones!

I'm not sure the photo shows how thick they really are. I top my pancakes with maple syrup as I find the American syrup too sweet, but in this instance you're looking at toffee sauce.

If you can buy American or Canadian powder online or through a friend, you will notice the difference. I'm currently using the aptly named Canadian Magic baking powder and the recipe sent to me by Peter, a Canadian friend, in the mid-90s.

If there is any interest, I will post the full recipe.

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