Friday, 6 November 2009


I was chuffed to get my parenting tip published in the Daily Mirror. I think more people should know about the wonder of wraps, which, unlike conventional baby carriers, really help if you suffer from backache, plus are fantastic for fussy babies, colicy babies and mums who want an alternative to a bulky pram.

When I was living in London, my Moby wrap was so useful! Our local surgery asked mums to lock prams outside for health and safety reasons (you needed a bicycle lock as there were pram thieves about), crowded shops were difficult to negotiate with a pram and public transport was not pram friendly (lots of steps and no lift in the tube and very crowded buses, with no space for a pram).

I'm sad that Michela is now too old and heavy for it, it was so handy and she fell asleep easily when carried this way.

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