Sunday, 1 November 2009

A truly horrific carnival

Yesterday was Halloween and even the staff in Sainsbury's were celebrating by wearing fancy outfits. It became soon apparent that Michela was not going to enjoy the celebrations this year when she burst into tears after a Sainsbury's employee wearing a scary clown mask said 'Boo' to her.

Undeterred I carved a tiny pumpkin and got the pumpkin candle out of the cupboard. When it got dark I placed the tiny pumpkin outside as a signal for children that they can ring the bell - which is the etiquette in our street.

I had a box of gummy sweets prepared and some chocolate biscuits - no apples this year as fery few children went for them last year and I felt sorry for the little fellow who was egged on by his dad to take the 'nice apple'.

When the bell rang I ladled sweets and chocolate biscuits into baskets and little bags. Michela got scared by the masks again and refused to come out even when a couple of girls wearing less scary outfits rang the bell. It was a pity as she enjoyed it so much last year.

Toddlers change so fast you can never predict their behaviour. Sometimes parenting can be a truly scary experience - if you like to read some horror stories, click the link below and enjoy!
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  1. November 2009 at 19:32

    It's just like Christmas when they howl in Father Christmas's grotto!