Saturday, 17 October 2009

Information is power for cancer patients

My guest blogger is journalist and cancer survivor Verité Reily Collins, whose site,, offers information to cancer sufferers.

Even though more people are living longer after Cancer, the disease still seems to spell doom and gloom. This is not surprising, as doctors in Britain are not compensated as much for looking after a cancer patient (6 QOFs) as for diabetes, asthma, etc (60 - 90 QOFs).

What are QOFs? This acronym stands for Quality Outcomes Frameworks, which form the basis of a GP practice's funding. So, when I became a cancer patient I soon found that either I sorted out my problems, or I was left - feeling abandoned.  

Many cancer patients just can't stand the side effects of the drugs they are told they have to take for five years after treatment, so 60% come off them - leaving themselves vulnerable to a re-occurence.

In France and other countries doctors are given adequate compensation for looking after cancer patients, hence French post-cancer survivors have a much better and longer life expectancy.

So I set up a website to give fellow British cancer patients details of the products and prescriptions French, Germans and Americans (among others)  receive. These products are sold in good chemists and stores in Britain - so if you are a cancer patient - don't ditch the drugs - visit and follow the French!

Further reading (for men) (where to go if you want a holiday after medical treatment)

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