Thursday, 10 September 2009

Fisherman's Friend is my only pal

I contracted a nasty cold after I came back from holiday - it must have been the shock of going from 30-40C to 20C or below. These past days I have been typing away while sucking an extra strong Fisherman's Friend, which is the only lozenge that can tackle my horrid cough.

I hate being unwell and having a toddler to look after I cannot rest. So instead of lying in bed with a book I'm running errands for Michela (Mummy, I want something to eat - she is a great snacker and we had to fit the fridge with a lock - Mummy; I want some milk/juice; Mummy, I want to watch the Big Bird video; Mummy, I want to play with sand, Mummy I want to see photos on your computer and so on...), trying to finish the NCT newsletter and putting together reviews of baby products for MadeForMums.

Still I like being busy and even if I could, I would not stay in bed all day, nor watch ghastly daytime TV. Maybe I can take myself, a handful of Fisherman's Friend lozenges and Michela in the garden to soak the sunshine - and bring out the wash too. Perhaps I will pick up a few windfall apples too. Then it's back to the grindstone.

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