Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tuscany travel guides....and not missing homeworking!

Gaiole's main square by Tubantia
Would you like to get away to sunny, warmer climates? I do after such a long winter! However, I have started a new job so I need to choose my holidays very carefully. I can't just book at the last minute or take days off at a whim.
Homeworking allowed me to be flexible with my holiday arrangements, although if I got suddenly busy, holidays had to be postponed to 'slower months'.
I don't miss homeworking, though. I worked from home for about four years exclusively, then started temping here and there when I had childcare available. The biggest change happened when my daughter joined the after-school club full time in September last year. My temping assignments/inhouse contracts just got longer.
Thanks to my partner's support I was able to apply for permanent jobs and when I got my current post, he stepped in to look after our daughter during the Easter holidays. I guess when he gets busy again we will have to consider holiday clubs too. He is trying to make homeworking "work" for him, but it's not easy. Somehow the idea of a man wanting to work from home to take a bigger share of childcare is still alien in some sectors.
But back to the reason I am posting these photos... my next holiday is months away, but in my spare time I write about holidays... specifically about Tuscany, a very popular Italian region with British and American travellers. Here are some photos I'm planning to add to the Tuscany blog I am writing: enjoy! All photos below are by F. Gren.

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