Monday, 31 October 2011

Testing...Testing Arm and Hammer Spinbrush

My Way! Spinbrush for girls
Buying toothbrushes for a preschooler or school-age child is a tricky business. You might feel a bit out of your comfort zone as most children's toothbrushes that are clearly labelled with an age range are designed for babies or very young toddlers.

For a while I bought toothbrushes that were labelled as 2 years +, then I tried some generic children's toothbrushes, which proved a bit big headwise. 

Michela is now four but she hasn't a big mouth. So I was delighted to be offered the chance to try My Way! Spinbrush, an electric toothbrush that comes with 141 stickers! I was sent two samples, one for girls and one for boys (the head and base have blue details and the stickers are more boyish, but they are similar). As I have a small mouth we both had a go - I used the boy toothbrush, of course!

Michela loves brushing her teeth with me so she can copy what I do. At four, she is keen on learning to do it herself, so I'm teaching her to go up and down, right at the back, underneath... I wasn't sure if she was perhaps a bit too young for a vibrating toothbrush, but after introducing My Way! Spinbrush just before the half term, she has been requesting it every day, leaving her usual toothbrush parked in the mug. This is so reassuring... when I was growing up, dental hygiene was not as promoted as it is today, so I have a mouth full of fillings. 

The manufacturer claims that children brush up to 38% longer with the Arm and Hammer My Way! Spinbrush.  This makes sense to me, after all children love gizmos - a noisy toothbrush that moves around your mouth and can be customised with stickers is certainly more fun than a plain, no-frills toothbrush.

My Way! Spinbrush is suitable from three years. Children under three years can use it under supervision. It's priced £5.99 at Boots and Tesco.


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