Thursday, 21 July 2011

The 1930s house project

The 1930s house

I haven't updated my blog in a long while, not because of work or family commitments but because I have embarked on another home renovation. I bought a 1930s property (a long, hair-raising process) and am transforming it into a home. I have a tight budget, which means doing a lot of work myself, with the help of my partner. We are only having tradesmen for difficult (and dangerous) jobs, so it's all hands on deck!

I'm hoping to show the various stages of transformation, indoor and outdoors. The house came with a mature, very overgrown garden, plus I have plenty of potted plants (cuttings from my previous gardens that have been moved four times). At one point I had around 80 pots, then I started using big containers and crates! 

The blog will feature crafts, DIY and gardening topics. If you are intrigued and want to follow my journey, visit The 1930s home blog. See you there!