Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Women's Day and pancakes

Mimosa, the flower of choice to celebrate Women's Day in Italy

Last year I went to a Women's Day march with my young daughter (read and see pics here), but this year pancakes have hijacked the celebrations. It's quite ironic in a way, as my family will expect the pancakes and I will be 'sent back where I belong' (to the kitchen that is). But All is Not As it Seems - my partner does a lot cooking in our house. And he is not alone, many British men enjoy cooking and let's not forget that most celebrity chefs are actually men.

Women's Day, Italian style

In my native country, Italy, it's a different story re cooking... but women do get bunches of mimosa on Woman's Day. Some might call it a florists' racket but men are expected to turn up with a bunch of these really cheerful flowers. Mimosas are what daffodils are to the UK, a sign of spring! I use to get them from male friends too when I was studying at university.

Happy Women's Day to all women. I will be going to some events organised in Cambridge, including a drumming workshop for women!

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