Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Blog carnivals - BMB style

British Mummy Bloggers' carnivals are very popular events - I haven't managed to host one yet and the schedule is well into next year!

The latest carnival is hosted by Very Bored in Catalunya, which boasts a very pretty donkey button (see below). Right now I'd love to be bored in Spain, it's freezing today in old Blighty and the only cheerful thing in sight is a row of daffodils in my back garden.

On the positive side I'm not bored - there is lots to do in Cambridge and I'm looking forward to the Cambridge Science Festival, which was great fun last year. Michela and I even donned white coats and goggles to experiment with acids!

So if blog carnivals are your thing, just head to British Mummy Bloggers... It's such a varied collective that there is bound to be a blog that speaks to you!

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