Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Homeworkers don't switch off

Yes, I confess, I worked during the Christmas holidays. In my defence, last year it was much more hectic as I had to write the copy for a huge website by January 4th.

This year, I wanted to sort out some admin, work on my blogs and do some indexing. I managed to do a good chunk of what I had planned by getting up early and relying on my partner for childcare, although my daughter kept popping in with requests that Dada couldn't satisfy. She is a cunning little girl and a clever clog.

I had some time off for Xmas and Boxing Day, plus hours off here and there for shopping and some walks in Cambridge, which was less busy than usual. Of course the crowds returned when the sales started after Xmas.

It was quite nice to connect with other freelancers working during the festive season, we had brief chats through various forums, which made me feel less 'isolated'. Of course now everybody is talking about catching up with work after the holidays, but at least I don't have this problem and can ease myself into the full swing of things without moaning too much.

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