Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bye, Bye Rugby

Oh the delights of moving with a toddler! Last year we moved from London to Rugby in a short time, which was quite hard as I was on my own and Michela kept interfering with the boxes I was trying to fill by taking things out, throwing in her toys...

Tomorrow is the last day before the move but the packing is going well this year as my partner is at home and we have been Freecycling stuff, taking trips to the dump, to charity shops....

We are both looking forward to our relocation to Cambridge, hoping this is the place for us. We are moving into rental so as soon as we buy we will have to shift our stuff again. Luckily there is a garage to transfer stuff that has been dumped into our Rugbeian garage awaiting a purchase. There is no way I'm opening all the boxes till we have bought a house.

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